Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Favourite Chocolate Things

Right, lets get this show on the road. After my first post Hot Chocolate Models, introduced this little old blog that's all about chocolate - the stuff you eat and not the other sort of chocolate model, I'll go looking at some of my favourite chocolate things...

I'm going to go straight for the jugular here and mention one of my all-time favourite chocolate bars that has sustained my addiction since childhood - and that the Mars Bar!

I know a lot of people find the Mars Bar to be very sweet and almost sickly - but I love 'em to death. In fact they will probably be the death of me ROFL!!! I don't find them sickly at all, in fact where many people can't get past a bite or two, I have no problem polishing off one Mars bar and then tucking into a second! Oh bliss!

So what is so great about the Mars Bar chocolate treat of the 20th and 21st centuries?

It has to be its simplicity. No fancy additions like nuts or biscuit or anything else - just that age old taste of caramel covered with thick chocolate that tastes so divine!

Here's an interesting aside that not a lot of people know about. Well, maybe more people know about it than I realize, especially diabetics and people who know diabetics. Its that when a diabetic's blood sugar levels drop dangerously low and they can't get to a shot of insulin, there is every chance they could slip into a coma if nothing is done to get their blood sugar levels back up to somewhere like normal fast.

Well one way of doing that is to get them to eat a Mars Bar before they get to sleepy to eat anything. That will give them a fast shot of high levels of sugar and glucose (which gets into the blood stream quick) and can stave off the coma state until they can get to a doctor or hospital.

So the great old Mars Bar is actually good for your health in that circumstance!

Food for thought when next standing in front of teh chocolate bar counter in your local sweet shop and trying to decide what to treat your self to. I never have any problems - if I have any kind of dilemma as to which one of the many chocolate treats to choose from, I simply grab a Mars Bar because I know its still the best bar of chocolate in the shop!

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