Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hot Chocolate Models

Welcome to Hot Chocolate Models, a blog that is darn well all about that beautiful, sweet, sweet stuff called chocolate!

I'll be writing irreverntly about most things that contain some chocolate, models are only a small part of it! Hot chocolate is gorgeous and I can't get enough of it, so its in the title too. I'll also be raving like a lunatic about chocolate cakes, chocolate chip cookies (oh, yeah!!!), boxes of chocolates (as in those divine assortments that come from Switzerland and Belgium), chocolate fountains and how they can be used to create in a second that most exquisite of all delights, chocolate covered strawberries!

If you think I'm going to miss out on something, don't. I won't and that's a fact. If its got hot chocolate somewhere in the title, or even chocolate models, I'll be covering it someplace in this handy little blog!

See y'all soon!

Hot Chocolate Models

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