Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sweet Chocolate Models

Sweet chocolate models! Ah yes, a really chocolateee enticing title for a very flavoursome blog post, chocolate models or what! Well, I do declare! My last post My Favourite Chocolate Things, went over some of the things I simply adore about chocolate, so this post can be no less attractive and yummy!

Sweet, sweet chocolate models for making sweet, sweet chocolate things are definitely the order of the day. So what can we make from our hard and fast moulds that will morph into something that can cause orgasms of flavour to expel forth from their hearty encapsulations.

We want chocolate! Models are for making the nice sweet things and all we then need are sensuous lips to savour the pure ecstatic texture and probing tongues to sample the exquisite taste of the finished product. If this sounds like a ramble into the world of chocoholicism then by all means it really must be! I love a good ramble and when chocolate is involved, there can be nothing finer or more desirable!

Well, I've already expounded the virtues of the delectable Mars Bar, so now I'm going to heap praise on that other taste temptation, the humble Snickers. Did you know that the Snickers bar used to be called a Marathon bar in England? That was back sometime in the 1970s, I believe - way before my time, well maybe not but before I was probably old enough to appreciate what a delicious treat the Snickers Bar actually is.

Did you also know that Mars (the company) used to sponsor the London marathon? And its main promotional chocolate bar was actually the "Marathon". In fact their play on words in their ads was to call the London Marathon the "Mars Marathon", which in those days it actually was!

I don't know why they changed the name to Snickers - except probably that's what it has always been called in the USA and little England just had to bow down, roll over and play dead to the might of the USA! Well, probably not as dramatic as that, but why things have to change just for the the sake of change? Like Mars used to have those chocolate peanuts called Treets. there were also Toffee Treets as well. But they changed them to M&Ms. The Toffee Treets were discontinued. And what about Opal Mints? Where did they go?

Oh, I'm getting off track and away from my chocolate models monologue. Back to the virtues of the Snickers bar, I think...

Ok, its not as sumptuous as the Mars Bar, but its has that great peanutty taste that complements chocolate so well. So my vote for this post goes to the Snickers (aka Marathon)!


Bye for now...

Hot Chocolate Models

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